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The Glendalough Distillery was set up by five friends from Wicklow and Dublin with a deep passion for reviving the heritage of craft distilling in Ireland. In the 18th & 19th centuries there were over 200 licensed distilleries in Ireland and along with countless unlicensed ones produced diverse styles of poitín, whiskey, gin and even absinthe. Until recently that dropped to a small handful. Glendalough Distillery is now part of a revival of this heritage. The idea behind Glendalough Distillery is to make innovative spirits while staying true to the tradition and heritage of our ancestors. We export Whiskey, Poitín & Wild Botanical Gin to 30+ countries around the world, we employ 15 people and are building a new Distillery and tourist facility which will open in 2017.



Pop by our stand at Whiskey Live Dublin. On tasting will be:


Glendalough Premium Poitín
We’ve harnessed tradition, craft and heritage to capture a millennium and a half of distilling expertise in this ancient and notorious drink. It is carefully crafted from an old poitín recipe using the finest Irish sugar beets and malted barley. It is batch distilled and finished in virgin Irish oak. The result is a smooth but complex mix of malted barley sugars and toasted, woody flavours.


Glendalough Sherry Cask Poitín

With a tip of the hat to a great poitín maker of old, a hero of ours called McGoldrick, we take our Glendalough Premium Poitín and introduce it to some Spanish sherry casks. It extracts some more depth of flavour with a now visible wood finish, and added touches of honey and raisin. The pre-loved sherry cask oak brings the already smooth Glendalough towards a velvety mouthfeel with a crystal clear light amber color.


Glendalough Mountain Strength Poitín
We only add a drop of water off the still to this spirit. With the same depth of flavor of the original, the strong, flavorsome Mountain Strength builds on the spicy and woody side of the taste profile. Take it with a drop of water for the real authentic feel, neat if you have the bottle or into cocktails and mixed drinks for an extra kick. Enjoy it for the “real experience” it offers, but be careful


Glendalough Wild Botanical Gin
This is a gin unlike any other. Each season we go out into the wilds of Wicklow and forage. We pick what grows and distill with it the very next day. While the spring gin is a fresh mix of young green shoots, wild botanical leaves and flowers, the summer gin tastes like a meadow in bloom. Autumn is packed with wild fruits and berries, and Winter is full of pine and fir, with a cinnamon sweetness and a hint of cloves. With each taste, these gins transport you to a place and time in our home - Glendalough, deep in the Wicklow Mountains.


Glendalough Double Barrel Whiskey
This single grain whiskey, like Glendalough itself, was born out of a wild Irish streak. Forget everything you know about Irish whiskey, this one dares to standout in a world of copycats and same old styles that blend into one. Our Double Barrel has sucked the marrow out of two casks, Bourbon and Sherry. Both represent a world gone by, from the rolling hills of Bourbon county to the ancient frontier of south west Spain. They each bring their own unique flavour, and character, fastened finally by an independent Irish streak. Ireland’s mild maritime climate plays its part too. T he temperate winds that wash through her valleys give a gentle, sure ageing. And our cold, fresh Wicklow mountain water couldn’t be better for cutting cask-strength whiskey. Best thing to do is draw a bead and gauge it for yourself.


Glendalough Single Malts (7 & 13 years old)
Our single malts go back to the source of what made Irish whiskey great. This is the whiskey that your great granddaddy drank. Crafted using age old traditional methods to create the style of whiskey that gave Irish whiskey its great name. The maritime climate on the east coast of Ireland provides perfect ageing conditions for this single malt Irish whiskey. Glendalough Distillery carefully selected a small number of these casks that best represent the full, rounded and smooth flavour of Irish single malt. The whiskey was then cut with Wicklow spring water to 46% and non-chill filtered to create a taste and character that you would expect from this perfect sipping whiskey. Today, there are two types of Irish whiskey in the world. One that ’s drunk in a rush under neon lights and another for those who know better. Welcome to the latter.


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