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The Dingle Distillery is the first purpose-built distillery in Ireland in over 200 years and is the brainchild of the Porterhouse Group who proudly own a number of bars in Dublin, Cork, London and New York. The Dingle Distillery launched itself upon the unsuspecting public in October 2012 producing (at the time) Ireland’s only craft artisanal pot still gin and pot stilled vodka. In November 2012 the first spirit was trickled from the magnificent stills and represented a new milestone in the history of distillation in Ireland. On 18th December 2012 the first batch of whiskey began its maturation process. As you are aware, it takes 3 years and 1 to mature whiskey. On 19th December 2015 Cask No 2 was opened and bottled in a limited edition decanter style bottle, the first whiskey bottling to come from the Dingle Distillery marking the first milestone of the distillery. In December 2016 Cask No 3 from the same day will be opened and bottled and Cask No 4 the year after. This will form part of a trilogy of three historic bottlings marking our journey. Also available is the unique, Dingle Four Seasons Gin. This is a collection of four 250ml bottles of individual batch, Spring Gin is made from botanicals including gorse flower, dandelion and nettle. Summer Gin, consisting of rose petals, wild flower and wild mint. Autumn Gin, with blackberries, hawthorn and rowan berries and rose hips. Finally, Winter Gin with elderberries and hawthorn berries, coriander and juniper amongst other ingredients. These stacking bottles in a beautiful presentation pack.



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