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With the benefit of a gifted expertise inherited from their history, Jérôme and Lilian TESSENDIER are fourth-generation Cellar Masters. Their complementary vision and scientific approach of tasting allow them to perfect a collective work resulting into an inimitable style imparted to the House’s product.

From the great variety of eaux-de-vie produced, Jérôme and Lilian subtly blend with feelings and emotions, step by step, up to three hundred eaux-de-vie each year to create one outstanding Cognac, whose rarity is only exceeded by its distinctive originality.A unique style, a unique mind, a unique signature, preserved by Jérôme and Lilian such as guardians of the history and longevity of this beautiful Maison TESSENDIER.



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The Celtic Whiskey Shop are organisers of Whiskey Live Dublin and the Irish Whiskey Awards. The shop was founded in 2003 and has become the favourite place for Irish Whiskey lovers around the world.

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