Boann Distillery

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About Boann Distillery

Boann Distillery is a state of the art distillery that is nestled in the heart of the historic Boyne Valley.

The distillery's main focus is the creation of incredibly flavoursome spirit. We utilise the newest distilling innovations to be able to derive the highest quality and flavour from our spirit, long before it ever rests in a cask.

The Whistler Whiskey, pays homage to the founder, Pat Cooney, who is an avid whistler and can often be found walking the corridors of the distillery, whistling a myriad of merry tunes.The whiskey itself has a number of expressions which have been laid down in the Boann warehouses over the last 7 years. These sourced spirits are matured, finished and blended in house to create a whiskey offering, unlike any on the island. The Whistler, Sip and Whistle a While.


Boann Distillery will be offering samples of:

The Whistler Aged 7 Year Old “The Blue Note” Single Malt

The Whistler Aged 7 Year Old Cask Strength Single Malt

The Whistler Aged 10 Year Old Single Malt

The Whistler Oloroso Sherry Cask Blend

The Whistler Calvados Cask Blend

The Whistler Imperial Stout Cask Finish Blend

Boyne Brewhouse Sherry Barrel Aged Imperial Stout 10.8%

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