Glendalough Distillery

 DB 700ml NoReflect 2017

About Glendalough Distillery:

The Glendalough Distillery was set up by a group of friends who always loved Irish whiskey. Meeting up to taste and talk whiskey, they eventually, convinced each other to leave the safety of their city jobs, head into the mountains and take a chance on something more meaningful (much like the man on their bottle, St Kevin). Together they built Ireland’s first craft distillery near their favourite spot in those mountains, Glendalough.
Initially, they started with the first ever spirit, poitín and since then have moved to whiskey and most recently the release of wild gins.
The three whiskeys from Glendalough have been setting the world on fire since their release, winning award after award.  At the San Francisco World Spirit Awards 2015, the Double Barrel was awarded Gold medal as the "Best Irish Whiskey Under 7 Years Old", whilst the 13 Year Old won a double Gold as the "Best Irish Whiskey".  Not to be outdone the 7 Year Old was awarded a Master (Best Irish Whiskey) at the Global Spirits Masters 2015. They all now come with an interesting and flavourful second barrel finish. With Oloroso, Porter, and even Japanese Mizunara cask finishes the range truly offers something different on the Irish whiskey shelves.
As well as pioneering in the whiskey category, Glendalough are also bringing real innovation and a point of difference to the crowded gin market. Their approach to gin making is unique. Most of their ingredients are foraged, wild in the mountains around the distillery. Their main offering “Glendalough Wild Botanical Gin” is made with fresh wild mountain flora that goes into the still within hours of picking to ensure essential oils can be captured. Within days of its US launch it took gold at The San Fransisco World Spirits Awards. Their seasonal gins are made in the same manner, only these are quarterly “flavour snap shots” of how the seasons taste, and what grows at given times of the year in the Wicklow mountains. These gins are designed to transport you with a sip to their home in Wicklow.
Glendalough Distillery will be offering a sampling of Glendalough Double Barrel Whiskey, Glendalough 7 year old Single Malt Porter Cask Finish, Glendalough 13 year old Single Malt Mizunara Cask Finish, Glendalough Gin.

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