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About The Connacht Whiskey Company:

The Connacht Whiskey Company Ltd. is the result of a dream shared by four men, three Americans and one Irishman, to bring pure pot still Irish whiskey back to the West of Ireland after an absence of over 100 years. They distill, barrel age, and bottle the spirits on-site at the Connacht Distillery. The distillery houses three copper pot stills, which were designed by master distiller and produce the spirits. The rick house holds barrels full of whiskey that will slowly mature, benefiting from the slighty salty air found along the Moy Estuary. The air in the distillery enjoys the heavenly scent of evaporating fine Irish whiskey known as “the angels’ share.” The heady odor of whiskey is a far cry from the yeasty tang the building used to enjoy when it housed the Duffy family bakery. The building surely has moved from one classic use of fine Irish grains to another.


The Connacht Whiskey Company will be offering samples of: 

Spade & Bushel 10 Year old Cask Strength Single Malt Irish Whiskey

Strawboys Poitin

Brothership Irish-American Whiskey

Conncullin Gin

Strawboys Vodka  

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The Celtic Whiskey Shop are organisers of Whiskey Live Dublin and the Irish Whiskey Awards. The shop was founded in 2003 and has become the favourite place for Irish Whiskey lovers around the world.

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