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We’re three lifelong friends who took a chance and worked hard at it. We didn’t stop till we’d built one of Ireland’s biggest distilleries making some of Ireland’s best whiskey. It started in 2003 in the back room of one of the lads’ houses in Union Hall and now we have a team of 140 people from around the local area working with us.

It’s important to us that what we’re doing helps our community and leaves something for West Cork. We’re fiercely independent and have fought to stay that way. Fought hard to keep the lights on too at times.

In more ways than one, we’re out on the edge here. in West Cork. Just south of the Golden Vale, we use only Irish barley, delivered every day... Maritime aging... yeah we’ve a bit of that going on.

For us, it’s about taste. There are times when all you want is a glass of good whiskey. That’s the whiskey we make. We’ve gotten to a place where it’s just about what goes in the bottle. And people are starting to pick that up. We’d never say we’re a better whiskey than anyone else. But we’re as good as the best of them.


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