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Tipperary Boutique Distillery

About Tipperary Boutique Distillery Ltd:

Tipperary Boutique Distillery Limited is a new but growing entrant in the Irish Whiskey market and its new distillery will be open on the grounds of Dundrum House Hotel in 2019 where they will operate a field to bottle operation, distilling barley grown on their farm in Grange. In the interim, Tipperary Boutique Distillery Limited is producing independently bottled Irish single malt whiskeys. These are distilled elsewhere in Ireland but are carefully selected by Master Distiller, international Scotch Whiskey Master Stuart Nickerson, and marked with the TBD seal of assurance to verify its quality. 

Tipperary Boutique Distillery Limited continues to bring more processes back to the farm, in an aim to achieve the final 'field to bottle' process on Ballindoney farm. Knockmealdowns and Watershed are 'cut' to a bottling strength of 47% alcohol by volume by adding water from Ballindoney farm itself, and Big Field Poitin is a poitin made from Ballindoney farm barley, distilled off-site.

The company is currently researching securing a farm building for bonding so that spirits can be matured on-site. As Irish whiskey must mature in wood barrels for at least 3 years before it can be called 'whiskey', the first batch of whiskey distilled from grain grown at Ballindoney will not be available until 2020, but until then more stars are being taken to move whiskey production back to the Premier County itself. This is a long-term project with an impressive start and huge potential.


Tipperary will be offering samples of:

Tipperary Boutique Selection Watershed 

Tipperary Boutique Selection Knockmealdowns

Tipperary Boutique Selection Whiskey Live Edition - Single Cask

Tipperary Boutique Selection Big Field Poitin


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