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A jewel just three miles off the coast of Ireland, Lambay Island is a private Island owned by the Baring Family since 1904. It is a Natura 2000 Site, full of flora and wildlife like nowhere else on earth. An Island that hosts Ireland’s only colony of grey seals, a sea bird sanctuary with puffins and kittiwakes, where fallow deer and wallabies roam free.
To protect these uniquely beautiful surroundings, the two families - Baring and Camus – have developed a Whiskey as a lifeline for the island. Lambay Whiskey, so unique, is made to be enjoyed by those who seek out the extraordinary. The core portfolio consists of four whiskeys, each with a unique taste profile. All distillates are sourced from leading craft distilleries in Ireland, matured in bourbon barrels and finished in Camus cognac casks which have been hand-selected and carried across the sea from France. They are stored in our Sea Cask Room on Lambay island, where the casks are exposed to the sea air, perfect for maritime maturation.
Final reduction is with water from Lambay’s own Trinity Well, producing a more aromatic, delicate, and refined spirit.
Since 2018 Lambay Whiskey has secured over 30 Whiskey Spirit Awards from around the globe recognising its superior quality and taste. Lambay is now sold in over 30 markets, online and in leading Duty-Free shops.
Lambay Irish Whiskey will be offering samples of:

Small Batch Blend,

Irish Malt,

Single Malt Batch 02


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