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About Titanic Distillers

Our desire is to craft world class spirits that honour the heritage of the great ship, ship

builders, and the city of Belfast.


It took great skill and artistry to create this whiskey for you. To balance its complexity

– yet ensure it is simple to appreciate and savour. To blend the light, sweet vanilla notes

of Irish grain whiskies, with the rich, deep, spice of triple-distilled malts. To round

everything out with a hint of peat smoke and a long, lingering finish. We made the

whiskey we want to enjoy after a long, hard day. The whiskey we want to share.


Located at the end of Belfast’s Maritime Mile, where the iconic Titanic once stood, is

Thompson Dock and Pumphouse – now home of Titanic Distillers. Once dwarfed by the

great ship, the Pumphouse stood in the shadows, but now people can walk in the

footsteps of the shipyard workers and experience the new spirit of Belfast’s famous

docklands, and the city’s first working distillery in almost 90 years.

Discover our available tours and book now at titanicdistillers.com


Titanic Distillers will be offering samples of:

Titanic Distillers Premium Irish Whiskey 40% ABV

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