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Beara Bitters is an Irish sustainable cocktail bitters crafted to compliment the terroir of Irish drinks.

Constructed with a base of organic Apple brandy, with herbs and spices rounding out and emphasizing the selected flavors.

The Aromatic bitters has infusions that include citrus, cloves, star anise, allspice, cocoa and vanilla. It has won a Bronze medal at the International Wine and Spirits Competition 2022 and a Gold medal in Dark Spirits with Blas an hEireann in 2021.

The Orange bitters is flavored with lemongrass, gentian, cardamon, grains of paradise and ginger. Ideal in rum cocktails, in a Martini or a Manhattan.

Our Smoked Pear bitters are a fruity bitters made with pears cold smoked in Ummera Smokehouse in Cork. Around the base flavours of organic Apple brandy and smoked pears are entwined cassia, allspice, black pepper, gentian and vanilla.


Beara Bitters will be offering samples of:


Beara Bitters Aromatic

Beara Bitters Orange

Beara Bitters Smoked Pear

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