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Established in 1836, Annandale was originally one of Scotland’s oldest operating distilleries. When Annandale Distillery opened, Annan was an established embarkation port for emigrant Scots. As a tribute to these intrepid souls, the ‘A’ of Annandale is in the image of a billowing sail.

Located close to the Scotland-England border, Annandale is also the first (and last) distillery in Scotland.

Whilst in the ownership of the famous Johnnie Walker, Annandale Distillery closed in 1918, seemingly forever.

Not so!

Rescued by David Thomson & Teresa Church in 2007, this once derelict distillery sprang back into life on November 3rd, 2014 Three years later, on Wednesday November 15th, 2017, they filled the first ‘new era’ bottle of Annandale Single Malt Scotch Whisky.

With multiple award-winning single cask – single malt whiskies the peated Man O’ Sword and unpeated Man O’ Words. Named in celebration of local icons, King Robert the Bruce (Scotland’s Warrior King and 7th Earl of Annandale) and Robert Burns (Scotland’s National Poet and Exciseman in Annandale), respectively.


Annandale Distillery will be offering: 


MOW Vintage 2015 ex-sherry butt (unpeated)

MOS Vintage 2015 ex-sherry butt (peated)

MOW Founders' Selection STR ex-burgundy wine cask (unpeated)

MOS Founders' Selection STR ex-burgundy wine cask (peated)

MOW Founders' Selection refill ex-bourbon cask (unpeated)

MOS Founders' Selection refill ex-bourbon cask (peated)



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