Broadlough Estate


About Broadlough Estate 


Broadlough Whiskey is a Single Estate Whiskey, distilled from the grain of the

Broadlough Estate, which adjoins the Murrough Wetlands Conservation Area, in

the heart of County Wicklow. Our Pot Still Whiskey is Twin Cask Matured, with

finishing in Oloroso Sherry Seasoned Casks, hand-picked in Jerez by our Master



Grown on the rolling hills of the estate, surrounding the brackish lakes of Wicklow

Broadlough, our Barley crops are unique, owing to the mineral alluvium soil and

fresh salt air, which is only found here.

Distilled in small, limited batches in copper pot stills, every drop of Broadlough

Whiskey carries the heritage & unique nature of the estate.

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