Saint Patrick's Distillery


Saint Patrick’s Distillery is based in Douglas Co. Cork. Their goal is to produce spirits of character, taste and personality. Most of the spirits we consume today are produced from grains, as they contain high levels of easily converted sugars. They have instead chosen potato as the alcohol base for their Vodka and Gins because of its unique natural sweetness, and its amazing versatility. As potato has just 20% available dry starch matter, this makes the process much more expensive, but more than compensates for the extra time and effort with its unique taste, aroma and smoother mouth-feel. The added bonus of a grain free distillation is that it’s also naturally gluten free. For whiskey lovers and connoisseurs, there is also St. Patrick’s Distillery Oak Aged Irish Whiskey. Distilled, matured, blended and bottled in Cork. The proof is in the bottle! Please reserve judgement until you taste it, preferably neat and chilled.

St. Patrick's Distillery will be at Whiskey Live with a wide range from their collection on tasting:

St. Patrick's Distillery Classic Juniper Gin

St. Patrick's Distillery Extra Dry Gin

St. Patrick's Distillery Elderflower Gin

St. Patrick's Distillery Sloe & Honey Gin

St. Patrick's Distillery 100% Potato Vodka

St. Patrick's Distillery Oak Aged Irish Whiskey


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